Whisper Me Digital- Inclusive Teaching Resource

FAO: Primary Schools

Whisper Me Digital’ is a film and series of interactive PowerPoints which follows a family experiencing domestic abuse and explores how it affects the mental health of young people who witness it. Guided by the characters and through facilitation from the teacher, it allows young people to interact with the characters of the film. This gives them an opportunity to make positive changes to the dilemmas faced by the characters in the film and understand how to get help.

This powerful piece has been extensively researched with young people, victims of domestic abuse, organisations supporting victims, and CAHMS.

'‘The film provoked a lot of interest and thoughtful discussion. Thank you so much for the resources’' (Primrose Hill Primary, 2022).

It’s Aims:

  • To improve the emotional health and wellbeing of people aged 9 - 11 years old and up to 19 in special schools.
  • To enable young people to develop strategies for dealing with violence in the home to increase resilience, reduce stress; improve general emotional wellbeing and school attendance.
  • To raise awareness about domestic violence, teach peer support skills, and inform children about how to get help and support.
  • To prevent future domestic abuse by confronting the emotional and legal consequences.

Whisper Me Digital resource includes:

  • A film of the main story & interactive forum
  • Online teacher/support staff training sessions
  • An Enhanced Education pack
  • Ongoing Counsellor support to all schools

In addition to this we would post the following support materials: 

  • Teacher’s Pack with lesson plans
  • Worry boxes for each classroom
  • Pocket-sized cards for every child
  • HELP posters for every school

To access and sign up for the free digital resource please go to: https://www.whispermedigital.org.uk/

Dorian Knight,

Cultural Heritage Development Officer,