County Lines Training

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Leo Powell is one of the UK's leading County Lines trainers, demonstrating a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the area of gangs, grooming, exploitation and more.

Limited spaces available.

A snapshot of what will be covered in the training session:

  • What County Lines is
  • The phone lines
  • The homes
  • County Lines slang
  • Cuckooing
  • Why County Lines has come to such prominence
  • The profit
  • Statistics
  • Modern Slavery
  • National Referral Mechanism
  • Exploitation (Child Criminal Exploitation and Child Sexual Exploitation
  • The different types of grooming
  • Demographic of those targeted
  • Gangs and the link to County Lines
  • Barriers to engagement with young people
  • How to spot the signs
  • What parents can do
  • How parents can report County Lines
  • How young people can report County Lines

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