Household Support Grant - April to September 2022

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Please forward this to the person who manages the HSG Grant in your school

Good Afternoon,

The local authority has received an allocation of £2,847,994.64 in the form of a Housing Support Grant (HSG) that is being funded by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). The grant must be spent during the period 1st April to 30th September 2022.

The funding provided is subject to terms and conditions, intended to ensure support is given to a wide range of low-income households in need, particularly those that cannot increase their income through work, to prevent escalation of problems. The three key distribution areas are:

  1. At least a third to be spent on Families with children
  2. At least a third to be spent on Pensioners
  3. Up to a third to be spent on other households

Today I am writing to share information on the families with children element to this funding, the local authority has decided to spend more than a third of funding on this group allocating  £1,247,994.64.

The Families with Children element would form the largest of the three themes, focusing on approximately 15,000 children eligible for free school meals and 2,000 children identified by schools who would benefit from a voucher.

The breakdown of the support is as follows:

  1. May half term £15 per child
  2. July “Getting ready for Summer Break” £40 per child
  3. Uniform or extended day provision where the child is fed. £300k of this funding will be allocated based on FSM numbers within your school
  4. School Food banks £43k

All schools are asked to complete this link by 5pm on Friday 13th May. If the link is not completed by then expressions of interest for identified children, uniform or extended day will not be considered.

Key Dates

1.May Half term

The voucher ordering window is 16th – 20th May. Vouchers must be redeemed by 8th June. After the 8th June vouchers will be cancelled.

2.July “Getting ready for Summer Break” £40 per child

The voucher ordering window is 4th July – 11th July. Vouchers must be issued to families on the 13th July families will then have 21 days to redeem the vouchers.

3.Uniform or extended day provision and Food Banks

Allocation confirmation will be sent to your school by Friday 20th May

Best Wishes