Operation Encompass

FAO: All Headteacher's and DSL’s of Schools and Academies

Want to be included in Operation Encompass?

Operation Encompass is an initiative that helps to safeguard children/young people who may have been exposed to domestic abuse.

If a child/young person has been present when a domestic abuse incident has occurred and the police have been called, then the Metropolitan Police will notify the school Designated safeguarding lead that such an incident has occurred.

Your school is invited to participate in Operation Encompass. If you’re School Agree to the process, Please complete the Steps required and Sign up following the instructions in the attached documents.

Confirmation of the above steps will be needed and current Headteacher's and DSL’s E-mail Addresses will need to be provided along with the E-mail address used to sign up to your Box account.

Please E-mail your responses to PC Leah Brown-



Many thanks and Kindest regards,

PC Leah Brown
Safeguarding – MASH
Metropolitan Police Service
North Area BCU (Enfield & Haringey)