Enfield Music Service

Music 103


Music has the capacity to change lives and can help children and young people to thrive by raising self-esteem, increasing concentration, developing social skills, generating a sense of community/belonging and improving mental health and wellbeing.

We work together with schools and a range of experienced partner organisations to offer quality-assured, engaging, inclusive music lessons and activities, giving children and young people of all backgrounds and abilities the chance to sing, learn an instrument, be creative, express themselves, and to make meaningful progression.

Instrumental & Vocal Tuition

Our team of high quality, experienced tutors deliver a range of individual and small group instrumental and vocal lessons as well as ensemble teaching on steel pans.

Whole Class Tuition

A great first access opportunity for children at KS2 to experience learning a musical instrument in a class ensemble setting and gain a thorough grounding in the basic elements of music as well as benefitting from end of term performances

Year Group Singing Programmes

Singing can be hugely beneficial for mental and social wellbeing and these termly singing programmes offer an opportunity for year groups to come together and sing once a week with our expert vocal leaders, working towards a celebration performance at the end of the term.

What we offer:

Free of charge

  • Basic curriculum guidance and support
  • Professional learning and networking
  • Singing resources
  • Music resource banks and recommendations
  • Participation in special events and performances
  • Access to workshops with Music Education Hub partners
  • Individual school music grant allocation


  • Songsack singing programmes
  • Partnership singing festivals
  • School-based music and singing clubs
  • Subsidised Charanga resources
  • Instrumental lessons (from Y2)
  • Tailored professional learning and detailed curriculum consultation


For KS2

  • Songsack and Enfield Sings vocal programmes
  • Partnership singing festivals
  • Whole class instrumental programmes
  • School-based ensembles and choirs
  • Steel Pan tuition
  • Subsidised Charanga resources
  • Subsidised Inspire-works Studios Online resources
  • Instrumental lessons and hire
  • Tailored professional learning and detailed curriculum consultation

For KS3/4/5

  • Choir and Ensemble Festivals
  • Vocal and Instrumental recitals
  • School-based ensembles and choirs
  • Steel Pan tuition
  • Instrumental and vocal lessons
  • Instrument hire
  • Subsidised Charanga VIP Studio Sessions resources
  • Subsidised Inspire-works Studios Online resources
  • Curriculum and teaching observation support

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